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Pipes are the only obstacle in the game. except for callum boans legs though they were removed in the hotly anticipated 1.3 update where the porn pipes can penetrate the bird. the 1.3 update also adds a new skin pack which brings the beloved gamer dude pictured below.

the 1.3 update also brings a much welcoming change, the "tap to fap flap" text has been edited to something much more fitting.

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leslie twist fell down the stairs now she has no legs.

leslie porn pipe

the new update includes the deth of leslie tist

callum s boan will be included in 1.3

  • The pipe's texture was changed in update 1.2.
  • They look very similar to Mario pipes.
  • Fictional videos have shown that if you go far enough, the pipes will be in different directions, start moving, shaking, have piranha plants in them and have a Mario as a boss fight at 999 points. This is only fictional however. Of course this would also be an easter egporno
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